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What Are Chakra Beads and How Do They Help You?

Many people don’t realize what are chakra beads and what purpose they serve. They happen to be made of beads that look like crystals but aren’t. These beads are used to use chakras. Chakra beads can help you enhance your life by using a system of beads. Most people do not understand what chakra beads…

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What is the Second Chakra and How Can It Help Me?

What is the second Chakra? It is the root chakra and is situated within the lower part of the skull to the temple. It is located in the base and may be called the “root” chakra. In general, it is considered the energy center that controls the way a person thinks, feels and expresses his…

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How To Open Root Chakras – The Truth Exposed

It’s imperative to understand how to open root chakras, and it takes some discipline, dedication and patience. If you are not prepared, you might lose patience and have your progress hindered. What is root chakra? First of all, the root chakra is one of the seven main areas of the chakras, and they are located…

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What is Your Chakra Nature and How to Find It

What is your chakra nature? The chakras are extremely mysterious energies. People have been wondering about the nature of these ‘energy centers’ for thousands of years. These energy centers are precisely like the air you breathe and the water you drink. They have a certain quantity of ‘vitality’ – which is a mystical term for…

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How to Open Heart Chakra the Right Way

In this article, I will be discussing how to open heart chakra. Most people do not know that we are born with this particular energetic connection. It is just that we have to learn how to access it. If you do not learn how to open the heart chakra, you are destined to live your…

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